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A Horse is A Horse Of Course, Of Course

Except when it’s wooden maybe?  I received a gift of a little statue of a horse in February in celebration of my birthday.  The statue also commemorated the Chinese Year of the Wooden Horse.  It’s only about 6 cms high but had such presence I just had to draw it.

I found some paper called ‘Elephant Hide’ at a local art supplies store which had an antique look to it that I thought went with the theme of representing the long standing culture of the Chinese and their Zodiac.  I tested the paper out and it takes all manner of media well including heaps of water – but it doesn’t take erasure!  Nevertheless I decided graphite suited my purpose and the paper best. This is the result – in a frame that also seemed to suit the style!

Graphite on Elephant Hide

2014 Year of the Wooden Horse – by Helen Lock

I’m very happy that it raised funds for a worthy cause at auction 🙂